Aim : Swami Vivekananda’s inspirational story…

Today’s inspirational story

Aim: Swami Vivekananda’s inspirational story


Once Swami Vivekananda was going somewhere by train.  There were some English passengers in the same compartment in which he was traveling.  Those British were very much irritated with the sadhus.  They were wholeheartedly condemning the sadhus.  The accompanying sadhus were also abusing the traveler.  His thinking was that since the sages do not know English, they must not be understanding the words of those Britishers.  That’s why those Britishers called the sadhus good and bad many times in their mutual conversation.  However, the reality of those days was that there were no monks who knew English.

On the way came a big station.  Thousands of people were present at that station to welcome Vivekananda, including scholars and officials.  After addressing the people present here, Swamiji was giving answers to the questions asked in English in English only. 

Seeing such good English speaking, the snake sniffed the English passengers, who were doing evil to them in the train.  When he got the opportunity, he came to Vivekananda and asked him humbly – you listened to us.  Would you have felt bad?

Swamiji said graciously

“My mind was so busy with its own work that even after listening to you people, there was no opportunity to pay attention to them and feel bad about them.” 

Hearing this answer of Swamiji, the British bowed their heads in shame and they accepted his discipleship by bowing at their feet.

Education :-

We will definitely find some negative people around us.  They will try to deviate us from our goal.  But we should always focus on our goal instead of paying attention to the words of such people.

Be happy always.
What is received is sufficient.

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